“Doing your best is more important than being the best” –Zig Ziglar

I love that quote because Zig is highlighting the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other approach to finding success.

If we focus on “being the best” as a grandiose overview of who we want to be, we could miss the daily activities and the little pieces of struggle that actually create success:

In the times that we struggle, we may find many moments during which we succumb to less than our best (and we have ALL been there), but we can rise by striving to remember that we also have an opportunity to overcome:  Minute by minute, hour by hour, week by week, month by month; we have to remember that a minute in which we falter MAY not matter, but too many minutes will…

Success doesn’t come to the vast majority of people that just declare a lofty goal and have no idea how to follow-through.  They don’t just magically find themselves at the pinnacle by declaring their intent and just waiting it out long enough.  (For those fans of “The Office”, bankruptcy can’t be garnered and/or finalized by just “declaring” it to your co-workers, as an example)

We find success incrementally.  With every action (or inaction), every minute, and every day- we make a decision to do our best…or succumb.  I hope you find the best version of you this week.

Strive to DO your best.  Fight to BE your best.  Win.

Ian Aubourg, Regional Director

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