No matter what you did yesterday, or last week, or last month, or last year…this day stands alone. 

This day stands alone to be a terrible day, or the beginning of some yet unknown grief…and sometimes life events and catastrophe can dictate that. 

But this day also stands alone to be a great day, or the beginning of one of the best periods in your life…and you can be the one to dictate that.

On most of our average days (barring significant loss, etc.) we have the control to determine the amount of work we put into creating our own happiness, contentment, and success. 

This day stands alone….waiting for your decision as to what kind of day it will be-  It is waiting for your cue, your prompt, or your guidance so it knows which way to go.

This day stands alone….as do you.  Who you were yesterday doesn’t matter (whether the best, worst, or mediocre version of yourself). 

Your previous success is no longer felt or honored the way it once was; As your previous failures are no longer felt or held against you the way you thought they once were.    

This day….TODAY….stands alone.  What work will you put in?  What guidance will you give this day?

Ian Aubourg – Regional Director


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