greatness-1  I missed my blog post last week because I was in New Hampshire with my kids. It struck me as we as we were driving through the White Mountain National Park how incredibly lucky I am to have been born in this country. It is so beautiful in it’s diversity -both in the landscape and the people. 

And it struck me also that creating these states from colonies, this government from an autocracy, the national parks from land that could have been forfeited to selfish uses, the programs, the initiatives, the innovations, the defenses -all that we have created as a country required unwavering commitment, tremendous risk, and unparalleled work ethic from many different people. In other words, it required greatness. 

If we think about what our forefathers, scientists, artists, philosophers, community leaders, etc have accomplished in their lives and what they have contributed to our society; it makes me wonder what greatness we can add…

-Every day we can work harder to provide a great life for our children and build the next great generation. 

-Every day we can work harder to earn more money that we can use to bolster our economy or give back to our charities and communities.

-Every day we can work harder to show love to someone who really needs it. 

-Every day we can work harder to have an impact on our work and on the people around us. 

Let’s show appreciation for our independence, our incredible country, the sacrifices and risks that others have taken to give us these opportunities, by working harder to make a difference in all that we do.  In other words, let’s find our version of greatness. 

Have a great week!

Ian Aubourg, Regional Director


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