There is an old saying that living well is the best revenge.  That may be true, but I also believe that living well is the greatest way to honor…

responsibility quote

-To honor those who have fallen

-To honor those who miss holidays and big life events and parties to keep hell on earth from visiting our front door

-To honor those who delay the start of their careers or families in favor of representing the bigger picture

-To honor the selflessness that is ingrained and inherent to the men and women of our armed forces

-To honor the spouses who maintain a life at home -alone, while their significant others serve abroad

-To honor the parents who worry every day about their child overseas

-To honor the young mothers and fathers who must represent both sides of parenting

-To honor the parents, spouses and children who will forever be forced to cope with losing their loved one, if/when they laid their life down at the altar of freedom

As these men and women have taken an oath to protect us, we too have a responsibility -to live well.  In order to sufficiently say thank you, we must take every opportunity to utilize our advantages in order to give them quantifiable measures of success for their sacrifices.  Take every opportunity to say “thank you” when you see a current service member or veteran, but let’s take the extra step to SHOW them we are thankful by living well.  Be extra motivated at work to contribute to our economy in the most impactful way possible, be inspired to contribute to innovation by sharing your thoughts, be loving to contribute to raising a great American family, be kind to contribute to our sense of humanity here at home, and most of all; be overtly thankful for all that we have been granted by the sacrifices of the few….

Have a great week!

By Ian Aubourg, Regional Director

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