Most people in our industry know or have heard of Movement Mortgage and/or Casey Crawford at this point.  Our 6-7-1 process: 6 hour underwriting turn-times, 7 day processing and 1 day to close.  Our recent unveiling of our Easy App that is a better version of the “Rocket Mortgage” that propelled that direct-to-consumer company to become the #1 purchase lender in 18 months, our incredible and innovative marketing, our intuitive and user-friendly CRM, our national experts that fly around the country for our Realtor partners, our Loan Committee that has helped turn around 80+% of loans that were originally recommended for denial, our reputation amongst Realtor communities that help bring new business to our LOs, our Concierge department that helps Loan Officers get time back in their lives, and ALL the other elements that have made us the fastest growing and most innovative mortgage company in the country.

BUT, with all those great products, processes and innovations, there is really one major stand-out for me; Casey Crawford’s perspective on who we really are: 

In a recent conversation with a group of leaders about The Movement Center we built and The Movement Charter School we are building (both of which will serve the most under-privileged portions of a community through our Movement Foundation), he noted what other banks are doing for brand recognition.  And it is a stark difference in approach and perspective:

While other big banks and mortgage companies are plastering their names on stadiums and taking national commercials (which only serve to drive business to call centers) –Casey thinks differently.  He doesn’t want us to be known for having our name on a stadium, he wants us to be known for having our name on buildings that serve our local communities and bolster our most needy residents.  And we don’t take national commercials to talk about a “rocket mortgage” to drive business to a call center -we will soon show off our SUPERIOR product to one agent, one team, one company at a time; in order to keep that business with our local COMMUNITY Loan Officers!   Playing the millionaire and billionaire game by seeing who’s sign is bigger or just naming a whole structure “Gillette” stadium or “CITI” Field, is not who we are.  We want our Loan Officers and leadership to be able to point to our name on the subsidized charter school or the local Movement Center we build as a way to build brand recognition and tell our communities we are a part of them.  It’s different, it makes us feel good…and boy is it powerful.

Ian Aubourg the Regional Director for Movement Mortgage.

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